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What to expect when you're expecting your IBCLC: Home Visit

There is a lot of fear and anxiety when it comes to medical visits, so I wanted to do a quick walk through of what an In-Home consult looks like from beginning to end. Grab your PJ's and a cup of coffee and settle in.

First off, home visits are supposed to be relaxing. I am coming to your house so that you don't have to get yourself and baby ready to leave the house. I schedule all of my initial consultations for 90 minutes so that you don't feel rushed and we can really take the time that we need.

Here are a couple of tips to prepare for your visit:

1. Don't change out of your sweats or shower or in any way get ready because I like you just the way you are.

2. Be sure that all of the forms in your patient portal for you and baby are filled out and ready to go before my visit.

3. Make sure baby is ready to feed. I try to get to the visit about 20 minutes ahead of feeding time so that we can go over medical history for you and baby.

And finally,

4. Make yourself comfortable! I go wherever you typically feed--whether that be in a special chair, on the couch or in your bed. Anything goes!

Here is a quick rundown of what the visit typically looks like:

1. History time! We usually start with talking about your pregnancy, birth, and medical history and about how feeding is going, unless baby is ready to feed.

2. Assessment time! I'll put on a silly headlamp, take a look at baby and inside baby's mouth and feel his/her suck pattern.

3. Weighing in! Next we get baby undressed, into a clean diaper and weighed.

4. Education! We then talk a little about latch and feeding techniques while we get baby ready to feed.

5. Feeding time! Baby feeds, and I help as much or as little is needed. I like my moms to feel in control of the feeding session so that you can replicate it when I am not there.

6. Post feeding weight! We weigh baby with the same diaper on, even if it is soiled, and see how much milk baby has transferred.

7. Recommendations! At this point we talk about a care plan. This plan has to be workable in your life, so we will work on it together until it feels doable to you and your family. This may include things like making referrals for bodywork or evaluation of tongue/lip restrictions and setting up a follow up appointment.

8. Finale! I then finish my charting and make sure that your care plan is available for you to see at any time in your patient portal. Then I leave you with your baby who is now typically asleep and snuggly.

After our visit you can message me anytime through your portal with questions/concerns or to just check in.


Kelsey, RN, BSN, IBCLC


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