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My name is Kelsey Smith. I am a wife, mother, RN, Lactation Educator and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

In 2015, my daughter was born and so was my passion for the world of lactation. With both children, breastfeeding didn't come easily. Each new child brought new challenges that with hard work and perseverance, we ultimately overcame. I saw this world that could be so beautiful and so incredibly frustrating all at the same time and knew I wanted to be a part of it. My experience and challenges led me to want to help others entering the world of breastfeeding. As a registered nurse, I've seen firsthand the lack of support offered to mothers during the postpartum period and knew I wanted to be part of that change. This led me to begin my journey to become a Lactation Consultant.

I love working with families to help them meet their breastfeeding goals, whatever those may be. I hold a Bachelor's Of Science in Nursing degree from Washington State University and am also a graduate of the Pathway 2 Lactation Consultant program through University of California San Diego. I served as a mother-to-mother support with La Leche League International offering lactation help to the community from 2016-2023 and am also trained in perinatal mental health, reflex-based latching, tongue and lip tie evaluation as well as oral habilitation post frenectomy. 

Being a mom is hard enough, and trying to navigate it alone is even harder. Thank you for inviting me into your family and letting me become a part of your journey.

XO, Kelsey


Hear From The Families

Becky Leatham

Kelsey was just who we needed to support us on our breastfeeding journey. She was knowledgeable, patient, understanding and so compassionate. She listened to my concerns and directed her approach based on our goal of exclusively breastfeeding— which was not an easy feat being that my daughter was 11 weeks premature and had spent almost 3 months in the NICU. She took away all the doubt that had been growing from the NICU environment and made us feel like we could do it. She offered support not just in breastfeeding advice, positioning, checking latch, and more, but also recommended a chiropractor (which I inquired about during our appointment) and additional services to ensure that we had all the resources possible to achieve success. During our appointment, she never once made me feel rushed or like our time was running out, but instead followed our lead, especially my daughter’s (because as we know, the baby runs the show ;)) She checked in on us after our home visit, which was so appreciated. Thanks to Kelsey’s help and support, we achieved our goal of exclusively breastfeeding. I would recommend her to anyone needing help or seeking support on their breastfeeding journey. She is the educator and cheerleader all breastfeeding Mama’s need! Thank you, Kelsey! For your support, compassion, and most importantly, being a part of our breastfeeding journey.

Avery Brudnicki

Kelsey is the best!! She visited our home where baby and I are comfortable, maintained the perfect balance of warmth and professionalism, showered us with information and made sure everything was documented shortly after her visit so we could refer back as needed. Kelsey made sure that our feeding plan was something that worked for me (physically and mentally) and my baby, and continues to be available for questions and concerns as they arise. I can’t recommend her enough!!!

Makala Ferguson

My daughter was born with multiple tongue ties. This made feeding her so difficult. Kelsey was incredible during that time. She offered to advise in such a kind and attentive way. I’m so grateful for her skill set. She made me feel so supported.

Audrey Williams

Kelsey is amazing. She is there to help you on your own breastfeeding journey, without judgement. The breastfeeding journey can be so hard- from underproducing to overproducing, and latch difficulties- it is an emotional process. I felt nothing but encouragement, grace, and love as she guided me through steps to meet my own needs for my baby. It doesn’t stop at the initial meeting either, she follows up and makes sure all bases are covered. Would have nothing but great things to say about my experience!

Stephanie Clark

Kelsey is amazing at what she does!
She offered so much help and support during my nursing journey. She is kind, patient and so knowledgeable. If you’re needing any breast-feeding support do not hesitate to reach out to Kelsey.

Kelsey Schram

Kelsey is so amazing. She helped my daughter and I be successful with breastfeeding. My daughter had lost 13 % of her birth weight and we couldn’t figure out why. I had felt like all things were going well with breastfeeding and my daughter would latch right on but after one visit with Kelsey we found that her latch was too shallow and my supply was low. I was also using a flange size that was way too big and I was pumping and feeding for way too long. One week after our visit my daughter has gained a whole pound and we were able to stop triple feeding and just strictly breastfeed. If you are having any concerns or issues I highly recommend this company. Thank you soo much kelsey for your help. Without you I’m sure I would have caved and went to formula.

Haley Roe

I am sitting here writing this review exactly three months after the birth of my first daughter. I just breastfed her before she went to sleep and I watched her precious eyes get heavier and heavier while I fed her. When I say that it is a MIRACLE that we are still breastfeeding, I have to say that, Kelsey at Love at First Latch WAS the miracle and the support I needed to make this journey a reality. When I first connected with her, I was 2 weeks postpartum, overwhelmed and desperate to stop having so much pain while feeding. I wanted to breastfeed but I didn't think it was a reality for us. My daughter was later diagnosed with a tongue tie and no part of this journey has been easy on us (yes, even three months later). Hard days and good days all in one rollercoaster of emotion while trying to feed my baby was overwhelming. Without the support of lactation guidance through Kelsey I can't imagine being where we are now. I remember being fearful every.time. she ate. From day 1, Kelsey supported us. She recommended different positions, sent videos and recommendations, encouraged us and even just answered the phone while I rambled on and on about the sounds of her clicking while she ate. I sent videos and pictures and she celebrated the wins with us along the way. I remember texting her "I am actually enjoying breastfeeding now" and I also remember texting saying "it still hurts, I don't know what else I can do." In every part of the journey, she supported us with information, knowledge, and love. I could not recommend Love at First Latch more. I will always be forever thankful.

[Kelsey] never once made me feel rushed or like our time was running out, but instead followed our lead, especially my daughter’s...

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