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Meet Your Lactation Consultant

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

My name is Kelsey Smith. I am a wife, mother, RN, Lactation Educator and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Candidate. In 2015, my daughter was born, and so was my passion for the world of lactation. In 2017 my son joined our family. To be honest, breastfeeding didn't come easily with either of my babies. Each one brought new challenges that, with hard work and perseverance, we ultimately overcame. I saw this world that could be so beautiful and so incredibly frustrating all at the same time and knew I wanted to be a part of it.

My experience and challenges led me to want to help others entering the world of breastfeeding. As a registered nurse, I've seen first hand the lack of support offered to mothers during the postpartum period and knew I wanted to be part of a movement to change that. This led me to begin my journey to become a Lactation Consultant. I love working with families to help them meet their breastfeeding goals, whatever those may be.

I am a graduate of the Pathway 2 Lactation Consultant program through UCSD and since 2016 have also supported new moms and moms-to-be as a peer mentor with La Leche League International. Being a mom is hard enough, and trying to navigate it alone is even harder.

Thank you for inviting me into your family and letting me become a part of your journey.

My Mission

I am committed to serving all families. My goal as your lactation consultant is to support you and empower your decisions. I value your opinion and know that you know your baby better than anyone else. We will work together to come up with a plan that is realistic for you and your family and adjust that plan as needed. Feeding plans look different for each family and that is okay. I am here to help you meet your feeding goals.

LGBTQ+ Friendly


Kelsey, RN, BSN, IBCLC


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